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Welcome to the official website of the Local Tourist Board for the Province of Novara

These pages will take you to a journey trought the beauty and charm of the images of our lands, with other famous travelers who have already experienced the suggestions of these places.

Art and History

A rich cultural, artistic and architectural panorama is therefore revealed, where ancient and modern themes merge harmonically; the memories and traditions of the past re-emerge while the great events of the official history are supported by the most intimate ones which have characterised each local community. Imagination, legends, heritage, tales and narrations make of every local area a very special one, enabling numerous unexpected cultural and artistic discoveries to take place even in the most hidden corners of the province.


It is a journey through beautiful sites and enchanting panoramas, a great variety of environments and landscapes: stretches of paddy fields whose waters reflect the sky of the southern side of the province, cultivations flanked by rows of poplar trees and farmhouses scattered around the countryside, woods, rivers and parks inhabited by herons, gentle slopes covered with vines...


A series of thematic itineraries have been created to offer a valuable guide to the attentive and curious visitor, and they can help one to discover the rich art - culture - nature heritage


We find the witness of our past in the museums of the territory with the crafts and traditions of the old life. Cinemas and theaters run out the panorama of free time dedicated to culture.

Savours and Traditions

The wine and gastronomy heritage is rich and multifarious too. The wine tradition, fruit of passion and culture, creativity and experience has led the Colline Novaresi (Novara Hills) wines to the high-quality and prestigious international recognition they deserve, while the local cuisine permits to re-discover old, lost traditions whose past is rooted in the farmers’ world. At the same time, one can discover the ancient ancestries of craftsmanship which was later transformed into modern technology and business skill.

Sports and Leisure

Our visitors never run out of possibilities: one can practice walks, excursions, water-skiing, horse-riding, tennis, natural observations...

Events and Festivals

..or one can attend fairs, exhibitions, festivals and celebrations which constellate the province’s year calendar.


One may choose among the different accommodation opportunities offered by hotels, residences, pensions, apartments and campsites. A secular tradition in hospitality will make one spend an unforgettable stay.