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Feed RSS

Feeds RSS available: This site offers its contents through the Rss system, a simple and cosy way to be up to date in real time. Thanks to the Rss feeds it's possible to receive updatings of our site on your computer.

It's really simple to reach the Rss contents: you just need an Internet connection and a special program called "aggregator". Some aggregators perfectly integrate the main browsers and the most used e-mail programs.

There are various types of aggregators, according to the computer, the OS and -in some cases- the browser used. The list below includes some of the most known aggregators (free and with fee):

For Free:
Feedreader (Windows)
Sharpreader (Windows)
Sage (plug-ins FireFox/ThunderBird)
Urss (plug-ins Mozilla)
Straw (Linux)
Netnewswire Lite (Mac OS X)

With fee:
FeedDemon (Windows)
Netnewswire (Mac OS X)
Newsgator (Outlook)